Genuine Auto Parts

Better Performance

UD Trucks


Genuine Auto-Parts

Genuine spare parts directly sourced  from  multinational manufactures.

After-market Auto Parts

Quality spare parts that work with a wide range of vehicles and models.


Modern vehicles demand the highest energy from your battery. We provide batteries that suit a variety of systems

Motor Oil

AAP provides motor oil that suits a wide selection of cars and models. Our RS200 motor oils cater to our wide spectrum of clientele .

Feel free to download the RS00 catalogs for further details in the link below.

Why Choose
Allied Auto Parts?

Based in Dubai, AAP distinguishes itself as one of the most trusted auto parts providers across the Middle East, China, Africa, the CIS region, and Russia. AAP’s in-depth knowledge of the markets and industry, coupled with a worldwide network of connections with major suppliers and manufacturers, makes it best positioned to successfully source high-quality original and after-market parts at the most competitive prices


We support our clients, wherever they may be, with export formalities and facilities when shipment is involved – such as issuing shipping documents, handling inspections, special formatting and more.

We assist with shipping and and offer a full range of local and international freight services including container ocean shipment

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